Top Rated Online TV Service Providers

More people are embracing online streaming services and abandoning traditional TV. The fact that they can choose what to watch, the wide variety of shows they can watch, and the competitive prices they give their customers is enough reason to have people glued. Some of the popular online TV providers are:


Netflix is rated high when it comes to streaming of online television programs. It is compatible with many devices including Android, Windows, Xbox, Google chrome cast, smart TVs and amazon fire TV stick. The site has original TV shows and movies, and other interesting shows that are rated high. The subscription rate is as low as $8.99 per month, and users can choose a package that they feel will work best for them. The first month can be accessed through a free trial before one can fully subscribe. They have been churning new content, and in recent times, they have increased subscription rates to match up the growing demand for content. Netflix is known for carrying some of the popular TV shows such as Friends and Prince of Bel-Air.


This online streaming service is rated high for having some of the popular television shows such as Modern Family. It charges a low subscription rate compared to the other big giants at only $5.99. They also have a live version that airs events as they happen. One of the differences between Hulu and the other online TV companies is that it sometimes brings advertisements in the middle of shows. They also have trailers on shows they think might interest you to make it easy for you to navigate their interface.

Customers have an option of using the free trial version before they can fully commit to the site.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video is compatible with Android, PlayStation, Google Chromecast, smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku and Apple.

Users can simultaneously stream in three devices. Just like Netflix, this online video streaming site allows for a one-month free trial.

In terms of content, they offer a selection of movies, Amazon original shows, and a collection of popular films. They also have content for children.

One of the advantages of using Amazon prime is that it comes with other benefits such as prime delivery and music. They charge $10.99 per month.

Playstation Vue

The Playstation Vie offers live programming for many platforms. It is available on Chrome, Safari, iOS, Google Chromecast, PS4, Ruku Players, PS3, Apple Tv, Android, and Amazon Firestick. It allows for a five-day free trial so that users can get acquainted with what it has to provide before they can commit. Unlike the other sites in the list, the main area of concentration for PlayStation Vue is games and not TV shows. However, they still have interesting additions in the field of television. It is a little bit pricey compared to others, but reviews indicate that it is worth the price.

YouTube TV

This is available on Android, Apple, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Smart Tv. It provides up to 30 days of free trials based on the package you are going for. This is a different kind of TV streaming since it is the users who generate content. It allows people from different walks of life to upload their content on the site, and it is available for the global audience. One advantage that YouTube has in the online TV industry is that it has liberalised content, and it is no longer a reserve for the big producers. This channel has made people who were otherwise unknown to become big stars. YouTube TV is expensive at around $40 per month, but the content is expansive.