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Just like any other media channel, the TV industry has gone through a lot of changes due to technological advancements. There was a time when families would gather around one television set, huddle close to it and hope that the wind would not interfere with the antennae that they were using to get signals. Those days are now behind us, well, at least for most homes. With new inventions, people can now watch TV everywhere and any time that they want. This site explores the many aspects of television and the progressive changes that have been happening in the industry.


Our site looks into the growth of television and some of the new inventions that have happened over the years. We trace the journey back from when there was only black and white television, to now when you can access television programs at the palm of your hands through the smart phone. We endeavour to demystify the myth that the internet is killing television by reinforcing the fact that the internet has only complemented television and not killed it. Whether you are a millennial or you have lived through the changes in television, you will be able to get information that you can resonate with from our site.

Smart TV

Did you ever imagine that there will be a point in life where people will be using their television sets to not just watch shows but to also use apps and play online games? The smart TV gives you that option and more. We explore the invention of smart TVs, the different types that are available, and all the other information people might want to know about buying and installing a smart TV. We also explore how different smart TVs are from other types of televisions and why people seem to prefer them across the world.

Online TV

Digital advancements and the spread of the internet has made it possible to explore options such as live streaming of television content, online subscriptions to sites such as Netflix and Hulu, and finding new items on the web. We have many articles that revolve around accessing online TV and what it takes to watch a live show. We also delve into matters that revolve around subscriptions by elaborating how to get online subscriptions and all the other details of online television.

If you love TV and you are looking for all the information you can find, then consider us your one stop place for all the important details about Television. Our content is easy to read and understand, and we have a team of experts who have deeply informed on what is going on in the TV industry. You will find all the answers to questions you might have about TVs.